Why should you think about Climate Change now?

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On Thursday 30 November 2017, Jayraj Patel, 3rd Year BBA (Business Studies), made an articulate and informative presentation titled “Why should you think about climate change now?”.

Jayraj convincingly canvassed that changes in weather patterns and global warming were the outcome of human indifference to preserving the ecosystem. Human activities such as deforestation and industrial agriculture including animal husbandry are major causes for global warming.

Cows are one of the major sources of methane, a green house gas that is far more noxious than carbon dioxide. Jayraj presented two gripping video clips which showed beautiful and unspoiled glacial landscapes being completely destroyed through through global warming.

It was very encouraging to have so many faculty members at this seminar – 10 faculty members and 2 alumni attended the seminar.

Congratulations on this wonderful initiative, Jayraj.