Shobhit Banga- Harvard Summer School – My Experience

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Feeling extremely bored with life the monotonous routine had started to hit me. In March, a couple of months before the semester ended I decided to do something productive with the summers. I remember someone talking about summer school, and blindly I searched google for Harvard summer school. It was a no brainer, I enrolled for it soon after. I took only 1 course called Judgement and Decision making. Summer school started on June 22 and went on for seven weeks until August 10th. The total course fee was 7800$ + 2000$(personal expenditure) + 1500$ (tickets). It was expensive!!

The fee included room and board. I was living at Cabot House which is around 1.5miles from the famous Kirkland house where Mark Zuckerburg resided and 1 mile from the Harvard Yard and the Harvard Square which was the cool place for all the students to hang out. When you get off at the Harvard Square subway stop on Massachusetts Avenue, you’re only about a hundred yards south of the main entrance to Harvard Yard on Peabody Street. Upon entering the Old Yard, you see the statue of ‘John Harvard’ which is associated with one of the three famous lies about Harvard University.

I was taught by a Harvard law School professor, Bruce Hay. As one would expect from an Ivy League professor, he was phenomenal. Prof Bruce’s delivery was a little speedy, which could make it a challenge to take notes. On the plus side, he covered topics so rapidly that he could squeeze more material into his lectures, and usually each lecture included a quick review of the most important points from the previous lecture.

The classes were outstanding, but the real benefit of the summer, for me, was social networking. I had never been in such close and prolonged contact with people from so many backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. I made connections all around the world and a few friends for life.

In the 4th week we had our mid-term exams, in which I scored 97%. The longest stretch of time I’ve ever gone without sleep was prior to my Harvard final exams; I was up 2 nights in a row. But the effort paid off: when I got my report card a few weeks later, I got an A-

I was a student (and resident) at Harvard from June 22 to August 10, 2013. These 7 weeks have been among the most influential and important of my life. They were worth every penny but then there are some experiences which are just invaluable.

Shobhit Banga (BBA Year II)