BBA (Hons) Business Studies


The three-year full time BBA (Hons) Business Studies programme at GD Goenka World Institute mirrors the internationally acclaimed business undergraduate programme at Lancaster University. The degree is awarded by Lancaster University and is recognized internationally for work or more advanced study.

The programme integrates contemporary knowledge across business disciplines such as statistics, accounting and finance, economics, marketing, management, and human resource. It provides students comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of theory and practices in business management and administration.

It is an intense and highly demanding programme that entails substantial self-study, reflective and peer-to-peer learning through class discussions and individual and group written assignments and class presentations. Students are provided support to transition to a system of education that could be substantially different to other undergraduate programmes. GD Goenka World Institute offers the following two compulsory foundation courses to help students transition into this contemporary, demanding and one of the foremost undergraduate management programme in the world: Mathematics and Data Analysis; Business Communications and Soft Skills.

The Institute also operates a “Buddy Programme” through its “Student Welfare Centre”. Under this programme an academic staff member works one-on-one and shadows a student all through his stint at the Institute.


Students who qualify (based on class performance, performance in assessments, discipline, attendance records etc.) are eligible to transfer to Lancaster University in the final year of their programme. Students who transfer will be required to pay the fees charged by Lancaster University and will be entitled to all benefits that students studying in the UK Campus are entitled to.

First and second years undergraduate management students can apply for a competitive and merit based three week “Summer School” attachment at Lancaster University. The Summer School attachment provides students the opportunity to engage in study, co-curricular and extra curricular activities with students in Lancaster University’s UK Campus and students from Lancaster University’s offshore operations in countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere.


Lancaster University’s business qualifications open up opportunities for rewarding careers in private sector organizations in India and abroad. The Institute’s “Placement and Industry Internship Centre” supports students in various ways (though industry visits, competency building workshops, workshops on soft skills and communication etc) to seek and compete for positions and internships in India and abroad.

Past graduates hold executive positions in a top-tier service, manufacturing and consultancy organizations such as Mazars, Deutsche Bank, JWT, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Capital IQ, Grail Research, Tata Power Corporation, American Express, India Bulls, HDFC Bank, and ICICI Bank.

ECON 100 Principles
of Economics
MKTG 222 Marketing Fundamentals MKTG 232 Advertising
MSCI 110 Business Analytics MKTG 227 Marketing Management Essentials MKTG 334 Integrated Communications
ACF 100 Introduction to Accounting and Finance MNGT 213 Data Analysis for Management MNGT 320 Rethinking Leadership
MNGT 120 Business and Management: An Introduction to Theory and Practice MNGT 220 Strategic Management MNGT321 Management in the 21st Century

  • Select at least one from Economics and Accounting
  • Selection one area from Management Science, Entrepreneurship or Human Resources
  • If both Accounting and Economics are selected then no additional area needs to be selected.
Optional Areas Year II (Optional Modules) Year III (Optional Modules)
Economics ECON 207 Managerial Economics
ECON 208 Business and International Macroeconomics
ECON 333 International Economics
ECON 334 International Business
Accounting & Finance ACF 213 Management Accounting for Business Decisions
ACF 214 Principles of Finance
ACF 302 Corporate Finance
ACF 308 Financial Statement Analysis
Management Science MSCI231 Introduction to Operations Management
MSCI251Project Management Tools and Techniques
MSCI304 Developing Business Information Systems
MSCI375 E-Business
Entrepreneurship ENTR207 Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship
ENTR208 Small Business and SME Sector
ENTR311 (II) Franchising 
ENTR314 (II) Family Business
Human Resources OWT223 HRM I: Cultures of Employability and Performativity in the 21st Century
OWT224 (II) HRM II: Human Resource Development in the New Economy
OWT322 (I) Managing Human Resources
OWT323 (II) Comparative and International HRM