Tuck Shop

SMART SHOP 108 is one of the best and most successful convenient store operators in India. It is an innovative and exciting convenient store with a wide range of goods (personal care, electronic goods, toiletries etc) and quality food/products. By selecting the best products from all parts of India as well as from abroad (namely, Thailand, Turkey, Germany and many more), smart shop 108 intends to create and live up to its name which denotes “A variety of things”.

The students living on campus can avail this facility after school hours. It is compulsory for a student to be accompanied by a house parent while making any purchase.

GYM & Fitness Centre

We have 3 different zones for Cardio, Strength and Stretching. For the Cardio and Strength ,we have Precor equipment from the USA. In Cardio we have 5 Tread Mills, 3 Cross Trainer and 3 Bikes. In strengths, we have machines to cover all the body muscles exercises.

The Fitness Centre of GDGWI steals the show. This center houses a hi-tech gymnasium with the latest equipments from Precaur including treadmills, cross trainers, cycles, ab crunchers and weight training equipment. Students can choose from a variety of indoor games as the Fitness Centre also has Squash Courts and rooms for Table Tennis and Billiards. This center also houses a Steam and Sauna as well as a Hair and Skin Salon. The hair and skin care salon is a treat for boarders as they need not step out of campus for personal grooming. On a stressful day they can unwind themselves by making use of the Steam and Sauna facility!!

Steam & Sauna

We have two each Sauna rooms for Boys and Girls respectively .Four Steam Rooms on each side and the seating capacity in the SPA is about 60 people at one time on each side. There are 5 each ,chill Showers on both sides.


There are Ten fully hydraulic Barber chairs, Two Manicure tables and Two Padicure tubs with Hydro therapy, Two Styling stations/Cabinets, Two shampoo chairs with automatic message on Back and Neck, Two Message and Treatment Rooms. All the equipment is of Takara Belmont and Lemi from France and Italy respectively.


Not just Classrooms but WORKSHOPS FOR LEARNING
  • Flexible, spacious subject-based classrooms.
  • Extensive display boards in every classroom provide space for the acknowledgement of students’ own work and achievement.
  • All teaching areas are equipped with such technological aids as PC projector, camera and visualiser.
  • Campus-wide wireless networking allows for the use of student laptops anywhere and at any time.

Meals and Dining

The Refectorio – Dining Hall is a Centrally Air conditioned 2 level building spreading over 13,000 sq.ft with a seating capacity of approximately 1000 students. The hall is equipped with CO2 sensors, fire alarm system, sprinkler system & Gas leak/ smoke/ heat detector. The Refectorio serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Bright and colourful furniture and special lighting create a chic Lounge ambience which serves Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisines. The menu is set by expert dieticians and cooked on campus maintinaing stringent quality controls. Juices and organically cultivated fruits, vegetables and eggs are also part of the menu. Keeping in mind the sentiments, there are seperate cooking areas for veg & non veg. The dining hall boasts of state of the art installations with separate hot and cold counters. Mechanical Dish washers and waste disposal systems guarantee a hygienic ambience.

Formal dinners and parties on campus are held at the Refectorio with DJ Nights, Live Bands being the the favourite! The Refectorio is the perfect place to catchup on the latest buzz or just enjoy a lazy supper watching cricket matches on or your favourite channel (on plasma TVs) or just surfing the net. Music lovers need not despair! Equipped with hi tech Audio Visual System and vast collection of DVDs and Sattelite Radio stations the Refectorio has something for everyone.


Overall Personality Development :

Sports play an important role in the overall personality development of children. Various Sports Activities help students remain fit. These activities also enable the students cope up with the day to day stressful situations and assist the obese students in shedding off the undesired pounds of flesh. Students develop a keen sense of Sportsmanship, acquire the technical skills required to play various games and are better cut out to meet situations which do not always guarantee success.

At GDGWI, we aim for perfection not only in Academics but in the field of Sports as well. There is provision for sports activities such that students of all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have the best of coaches from all over the world to teach the students the various rules, skills and techniques required for mastering various games. The students are helped in acquiring the art of beating the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship

Students can take part in any Outdoor Sport of their choice and they have a vast variety to choose from. Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis are some of the options that GDGWS offers. With expert coaches for each activity, GDGWI encourages its students to take their Sport seriously and take part in competitions of diverse kinds.

Varied Infrastructure

The Sports infrastructure at GDGWI is more than adequate to meet all the above mentioned aims. The School has seven Play Fields where students can engage themselves actively in games like Cricket, Soccer, Hockey and Tennis. A well- maintained 400 meter track provides the opportunity for students to develop their athletic skills. The students are also provided with a multipurpose Indoor Hall with an area of 10,000 sq. ft. and a height of 26 feet. This Hall, with viewing galleries, acts as a venue for both sporting and cultural activities. Popular films are also aired in this place.


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! This can’t be more true. GDGWI has 7 playing fields so that no student at GDGWI has a chance to become dull! Students can take part in any choice of Outdoor Sport and they have a huge variety to choose from. Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis are some of the options that GDGWI offers. With expert coaches for each activity, GDGWI encourages its students to take their Sport seriously and take part in competitions.


Swimming is given a lot of importance at GDGWI. There are provisions made for all age groups. This Sport is indeed a very popular sporting activity. There is a separate pool for the juniors, some of who take their first dip at GDGWI. The school also boasts of a half-Olympic sized indoor swimming pool for the senior swimmers. The water is chlorine free and treated with ozone technology. The expert coaches are recruited keeping in mind they will be required to tackle beginners, regular swimmers as well as train students to take part in various competitions. GDGWI students have won many laurels in Swimming Championships at the inter-school as well as national levels.


The school has Two Glass Squash Courts with the spectator galleries for those enthusiastic about the Sport.


The Medical Staff comprises of 2 Doctors (Full time). The institute Infirmary has 6 beds, Patient Examination and Dental Chairs, B.P. Apparatus, Snellon chart for eye check up, First aid kits with life saving drugs for Emergency, Oxygen cylinders and Nebulizers in the Infirmary and Boarding. GDGWI has tied up with Artemis hospital which is considered one of the best in Gurgaon, for emergency cases. There is availability of Ambulance services for 24 hours in the Campus and Primary Health checks are done by the Doctors on regular intervals.

Technology @ Campus

The GDGWI strongly believes that Technology promotes active learning; allows teachers to share information efficiently & facilitate timely communication between students, staff, parents & faculty. The State-of-the-art hardware & software has lead to a seamlessly high quality integrated Institute. Unique features include:

  • Fully Wired & Wireless Networked Campus
  • Internet Leased Line with Unified Threat Management System
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • IP based Audio & Video Control System
  • Portal to facilitate seamless flow of information & effective communication
  • Hi-end Voice Communication Server for inter & intra phone facility
  • State-of-the-art Video & Audio Conferencing Facility for communiqué
  • Fire detection, alarm and fighting system capable of handling any fire hazard
  • CCTV surveillance system for monitoring & event recording
  • Door Access Control System for authorised entries
Campus-Wide Network

The network at GDGWI is built on a fibre backbone providing end-to-end gigabit speed. Combination of Core, Distribution & Edge switches with 50% redundancy built into the system of network caters to around 2000 data & voice interchangeable ports, covering all teaching learning centers, lecture theatres, class rooms, labs, resource centre, student hostels, admin rooms, executive and faculty housing. The secured wireless LAN enables connectivity to the Institute’s resources & web world through the laptops anywhere & anytime on the campus.

Internet Connectivity

Dedicated last mile fibre connectivity provides high speed uninterrupted internet connectivity. The bandwidth being sourced from multiple sources with multiple connectivity path to ensure high uptime. The E-mail system allows users to access mails from both inside & outside the campus.

Smart Classrooms

Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities which includes projection system backed up with audio paraphernalia to assist presentations & interactive sessions.

Nerve Centre

A central control room to cater & monitor the entire technology infrastructure on the campus. It houses the high end RAID- configured servers to cater online global exchange of knowledge & ideas and database management. A networked storage area of more than 8 TB provides enough space for application software, data storage & audio video library.

Combination of leading IP based control processors, AV matrix switchers & touch panel provides narrowcasting, paging, lighting control & BGM facilities in an exceptionally versatile manner where every classroom works as an independent zone in itself.

Fire Alarm, Detection & fighting system backed up with CCTV surveillance & door access control system provides a safe & secured environment.

Resource Centre

LMS controlled automated library has huge collection of print media, audio video assortment, e-journals & books. 24×7 online facility for information exchange and powerful search engine helps students, staff & faculty leverage their knowledge on fly.