National Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (REDSET 2014)

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Name – Shifalika Yogi
Department – Electrical and Electronics (MENG IV)
Project Name – Accident Notification System

Abstract — Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities in most of the countries. An important indicator of survival rates after an accident is the time between the accident and when emergency medical personnel are dispatched to the scene. As number of vehicle increases mean while the accident also increases. The government has taken number of actions and so many awareness program also contacted even though the accident increases as population increases. In this work, a new method to intelligently detect an accident at any place and any time and report the same to the nearby service provider using a low cost GSM and GPS modules, a microcontroller by ARM and an accelerometer sensor. The service provider arranges for the ambulance and also informs police and hospital. Accident Notification System (ANS) which can be placed in any vehicle uses a sensor to detect the accident. This system can be installed at accident prone areas to detect and report the same.

Name – Shruti Gupta
Department – Computer System Engineering (MENG IV)
Project Name – BuddyPro “Connecting People Across Globe”

Abstract — The aim of this project was to build a social networking application using Microsoft ASP .NET and SQL 2008. The programming environment was Visual Studio .NET 2012 using the C# programming language. The BuddyPro system provides functionality to its users, allowing them to message, email or chat by accessing their contacts from their friends list. It allows its users to maintain a list of all their contacts and perform their desired function in one click after they log into the system. They may add, update or delete existing ones from their list according to their convenience. For this purpose, each user is provided a login account with login ID and password access. This web application makes use of .NET features, including web controls, customer web controls, forms authentication, ADO .NET, error handling. The programming tasks included building the customer web controls and deploying these on them. The system architecture is based on the three-tier enterprise architecture, comprised of a data layer, business logic, and a presentation layer.

Name – Sabina Pokhrel
Department – Computer System Engineering (MENG IV)
Project Name – Text Extraction from Coloured Image

Abstract — In this paper, an algorithm to extract text from a colored image with complex background is proposed. The main objective is to separate text from background and eliminate any non-text region from the image. The proposed algorithm separates the RGB components of the colored image and uses connected-component based method for each of the three component images to detect and extract text regions from the images.

Name – Divej Vakharia
Department – Electrical and Electronics (MENG IV)
Project Name – Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Abstract — The purpose of this paper is to present a mechanism of dual axis solar tracker and also the experimental results showing the advantages of the tracking mechanism. The system build have two direct current motors used for movement of the solar panel. The system consisted of sensor and controller atmega 328 for controlling the movement of the motors depending upon the sensor value. The sensors check the intensity of the light and give the signal to microcontroller which controls the movement of the motors in both the axis. It is a flexible low cost and low maintenance system with ease of operation and installation.

Name – Preetika Narula
Department – Electrical and Electronics (MENG IV)
Project Name – Automated Multi Level Car Parking System

Abstract — Open spaces in cities are becoming scarce and it is very difficult to find parking spaces. There is a scarcity of available urban land and there is an increase of number of cars in use has combined with sustainability and other quality of life issues. Multilevel car parking system is one of the solutions which can help solving this problem. Though this concept is already implemented in various places, the main aim and motivation was to design a cost effective and highly efficient multilevel car parking system that saves space with minimum waiting time for parking and retrieving the vehicles.