Battle of the Brains

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A Quiz contest titled ‘Battle of the Brains’ was organised by the Quiz and Debate Club on 4th December 2014. The objective of the contest was to encourage students increase their general awareness.

Eight teams with three members per team, from GDGWI’s engineering and management programme areas and GD Goenka University, participated in the contest. In the first round, the Quiz Master tested participants’ knowledge of India’s history, business and sports. Two teams were eliminated in this round. The second round, captioned ‘Who am I’ was a visual round where students had to recognize logos of companies and identify the photographs of famous personalities. In this round, two more teams were eliminated. The third round was a rapid fire round where the participants’ speed of recall in varied areas was tested. In the closely contested final round, the “Buzzer Round”, the remaining three teams were pitched against one other.

In the final round, the audience comprising faculty and students, were engaged in the contest. Questions which could not be answered by any team were fielded to the audience and goodies given for correct answers.

The winners of the contest were Chetan Jindal, Harshit Saxena and Sushant Ohri from GD Goenka University. The 2nd position went to Aditya Mathur, Aditya Sharma and Shilpa Sanyal from GDGWI. Dr. Suku Bhaskaran, Director of GDGWI awarded the certificates to the winners and participants. The event saw an overwhelming response from students. Students are now looking forward to the debating competition to be held in the coming semester.