Lancaster Summer School Outbound, 2014

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This summer LUSU welcomed over 170 students from 6 of its partner universities in Ghana, Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan and Palestine to take part in a 3 week cultural exchange programme. It was a great opportunity for the visiting students to make new friends from all across the world, get a taste of what it is like to be a student at Lancaster University and experience life in the UK.

Students from Lancaster University’s partner institutions in several countries congregated at Lancaster University’s Great Hall on Monday 21st July for the formal commencement of Summer School 2014. Assistant Professor Neha Pathak and Assistant Professor Abdul Manan Sheikh accompanied 31 students from GD Goenka World Institute-Lancaster University to the 2014 Summer School. The three-week intense engagement in a variety of activities provides an exposé into work, education, social and cultural life in the UK and through interactions with students and faculty from partner institutions elsewhere in the world, insights into work, education, social and cultural life in these countries.

Trishi Roy

Summer school 2014 was one of my best experience ever and going to Lancaster University was just amazing. We had three weeks trip in UK and in this weeks I had made lots of friends from different countries. We had farm day, industry visit, community day etc. It was just amazing. I want to thanks LUSU staff and our buddies who helped us a lot in everything we did there. Summer School Rocks :-)

Ravi Yadav

Summer School 2014! It was a great experience to go to Lancaster University. First day at Lancaster University was like where we are? But then as the days passed by we became a member of the Lancaster Family! We learned about British Culture! How farming is done in United Kingdom, about the relationship between the employees and management. We learned how to manage people from different culture and communication. The best part of Summer School 2014 which I loved the most was Community Day & College Cup. For college cup in our team there were students from different countries and we have to manage ourselves as a team which was a difficult task but still we did brilliantly. I was in County College and after years County College won the College Cup. It was fun to be a part of Lancaster University. Special Thanks to GD Goenka World Institute who gave us this opportunity and the Faculty Assistant Professor Neha Pathak and Assistant Professo Abdul Manan who were also a part of our trip and assisted us. Last but not the least LUSU (Lancaster University Student’s Union) who organized Summer School 2014!!

Chirag Jain

It was a great experience. I had lots of fun at Lancaster and made new friends. Knowing them and their culture was something new and interesting for me to learn. Every day was a new learning. I had an amazing time at Summer School.

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