​What a Wonderful World … CSR Initiative by TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited and GDGWI

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Executive Director (Student Welfare) Neha Pathak successfully established a CSR partnership with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Delhi. Neha identified this opportunity and engaged in intense discussions with senior executives at Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. Neha finalized a proposal and tabled the proposal at the last meeting of the “Student Welfare Steering Group” which unanimously approved the initiative.

The objective of the CSR partnership between G D Goenka World Institute | Lancaster University and TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited is to improve the welfare and wellbeing of low socio-economic groups in Delhi through engaging in health, environment, education and career opportunities awareness programmes. GDGWI’s student welfare initiative is breaking new grounds through a range of CSR partnerships with external organisations.